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PPIę  Renishaw Touch Probes

Touch trigger probes for your CMM Xspect Solutions, Renishaw Touch Trigger Probes
A comprehensive range of systems available to meet the application needs and budget constraints of all users, from simple feature checks on manually operated CMMs, to complex form measurement on high-speed computer controlled machines.

  • TP1 systems
    The large, robust kinematic probe has a high degree of overtravel. This attribute makes it ideal for use on manual CMMs. The probe signal is carried to the CMM via an external cable and the probe has adjustable stylus force to help optimise its performance to the application.
  • TP2 system
    Ultra-compact standard kinematic probing system
    The TP2 has become the industry-standard product, against which all others are judged. It is a 13mm diameter standard kinematic touch trigger probe with an M8 thread mount. It has adjustable stylus force to enable the probe to support a wide range of styli. The TP2 is small, light and compatible with a wide range of accessories. It is suitable for both manual and DCC machines.
  • TP20 systems
    The TP20 is a 5-way, or 6-way, kinematic touch trigger probe system. The two-piece design, comprising probe body and detachable probe module(s), provides the facility to change stylus configurations either manually or automatically without the need for requalification of the stylus tips and thereby gives significant time savings in inspection routines.
    A direct replacement for the industry standard Renishaw TP2 probe, the TP20 probe system brings a range of new benefits to both manual and DCC CMM applications and can easily be retrofitted to existing TP2 installations.
  • TP6
    Robust probes for universal DCC and manual CMMs.
    TP6 probes can carry longer styli than the smaller TP2/TP20 probes. The design is robust, with large overtravel and adjustable trigger force. The TP6 has an M8 thread mount.

    High precision probes
    A range of probes using strain-gauge and piezo mechanisms for increased accuracy.
    Xspect Solutions and Renishaw Touch Trigger Probes New generation strain gauge based probes, such as TP7 and TP200, give users the benefits of higher system accuracy, and should be considered for high tolerance workpieces, and where the accessing of features requires long or complex stylus arrangements.

    TP200 contact trigger probe
    High precision repeatability and 3D form measurement with long styli is achieved by employing a novel type of strain gauge structure to detect small displacements of the stylus tip.
    The TP200 probe incorporates micro strain gauge transducers delivering excellent repeatability and accurate 3D form measurement even with long styli. The sensor technology gives sub-micron triggering performance and eliminates the lobing characteristics encountered with standard probes. The solid state ASIC electronics within the probe ensure reliable operation over millions of trigger points.
  • TP7M system
    The TP7M uses strain gauge technology which provides higher accuracy than standard touch trigger probes, The TP7M is a multi-wired probe and must be used with the PH10M motorised probe head or the PH6M fixed probe head. It is autojointed, which provides the autochange function required on many DCC CMMs.