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PPI© About Us



To provide the highest quality Support and Commitment to you, our Customer, with the most experienced and professional team in the Precision Measuring Industry.  The PPI team is a unique combination of talented individuals with a focused goal:

To provide the highest level of Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) System end user service, support, products, and satisfaction in a timely and professional manner.



Have you experienced frustration or "run-around" when trying to contact or obtain support from your CMM manufacturer, causing devastating downtime and delays, only to wait weeks for anyone to actually show up?


If the independent/local "Calibration House" does a fine job of keeping a current Cal Sticker on the CMM, what happens when they are confronted with a repair or maintenance problem?...Are they equipped with the necessary experience and supplies needed to provide quality service or parts?


Do you feel your CMM operators are proficient in the full utilization of your CMM software and equipment?

Precision Pro Inc© is dedicated to the idea of offering the finest in full service CMM support -

Through ONE SINGLE source, PPI is your full service provider for all of your CMM needs!

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