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The ML10 Gold Standard laser represents the ultimate in calibrating of machine tool and co-ordinate Xspect Solutions and Renishaw Laser Systems, accuracy, cmm laser systemmeasuring machines (CMM). With 0.7 ppm accuracy it combines full traceability to international standards with performance that other systems just cannot match.

The single frequency laser contains sophisticated electronics for stabilization and to interpolate and count the interference fringes. This provides true nanometer resolution measurements at feedrates up to 1 m/s (40 in/s).

ML10 Gold laser system includes:

  • ML10 laser measurement head
  • Power cable
  • Data link cable
  • Calibration certificate
    Used for the comprehensive accuracy assessment of machine tools, CMMs and other position-critical systems the ML10 Gold Standard system can improve performance through targeted maintenance and can correct linear positioning errors using error compensation.
    Additional enhancements available for the ML10 Gold Standard laser system
    0.7ppm linear accuracy maintained over the full environment range (EC10 environmental compensator)
    Simple set-up with Renishaw's unique beam steering optic (Beam steerer LS350)
    Laser10 software for data capture and analysis where data analysed to a range of international standards
    Error compensation packages to automatically improve machine performance

    Range 40m (1600 in)
    Laser Source Helium Neon (HeNe) laser tube (CLASS II)
    Laser Power <1 mw="mw"
    Vacuum Wavelength 632.990577 nm (nominal)
    Laser Frequency Accuracy +/- 0.05ppm (parts per million)
    Outputs RS485 from 5 pin 'Datalink'
    Power Supply Nominal voltage rating is 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, autosensing (limit rating 85-265 VAC)
    Operating Temerature 0-40C (32-104 F)
    Operating Humidity 0-95% non condensing