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Visual Metrology

Imagine measuring software that returns exactly the information you want within the shortest possible time; measuring software whose results can be understood by everyone involved in the manufacturing process; measuring software that frees you from time-consuming, routine activities.
Imagine CALYPSO!

Calypso - Visual Metrology

You select the tolerances from the drawing or the CAD model according to the requirements of the work piece. You define the measuring elements to be evaluated. The integrated assistant helps you select the necessary references and, before you know it, your measuring plan is ready.

This method of creating and maintaining measuring plans – Visual Metrology – is the basis of CALYPSO. The advantages are at your finger tips: create a measuring plan without programming a single line! No time-consuming, structural programming. No difficult code or text editing. Concentrate on what’s really important – the actual measuring task.

Calypso - Visual Metrology Calypso - Visual Metrology

Intelligence through meaningful suggestions
Test the roundness and the diameter of the bore” is the task defined in the CAD model or the drawing. This command is all CALYPSO needs to execute the measurement. “Scan a helix with stylus 4”, and CALYPSO knows exactly how to deliver the best result. Use your expertise in metrology in exactly the same way. With meaningful suggestions for any metrology challenge, CALYPSO offers you the experience of many users. You can follow these recommendations or modify them based on your own experience.

Speaks the language of metrology experts
Do your customers expect results with ever shorter turnaround times, while the number of design changes constantly increases? CALYPSO prevents quality checks from slowing down the entire process. Measuring plans can be easily created with CALYPSO. Should your measuring tasks change, the measuring plan can be easily adapted to the new requirements.

Adjusts to your tasks
You can use CALYPSO with different types of CMMs. Calypso's strengths and advantages are completely independent of the CMM.

Batch measurements or an automated environment? CALYPSO allows your measuring plans to run in a single-button operation or in a completely automated environment suitable for volume production.

Do you need to program a structural component several times on a work piece? With CALYPSO you can create a process for structural components and use the same process over and over…without having to program a single command!